Planning for what happens after your death doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience.  In fact, done with understanding and a soft touch, estate planning can result in significant stress relief for all those involved.  We have the expertise to develop estate plans for both simple and complex estates which address income taxes, probate taxes, disabled beneficiaries, and asset protection.  

Our firm has the range of experience you need to handle all types of estate planning and estate administration matters, including:

  • drafting your last Will and Testament;
  • drafting your Power of Attorney for Property;
  • drafting your Power of Attorney for Personal Care;
  • drafting your Primary and Secondary/Corporate Will;
  • advising attorneys for property and personal care regarding their obligations; and
  • advising executors on estate administration.

We understand how challenging and lengthy administering an estate can get.  We handle any estate details that you want help with, from obtaining probate to final payouts, and everything in between.